Welcome to The Henry Beaufort Business Network

The Henry Beaufort Business Network is a business network group powered by The Schools Business Network, which was launched by Business 4 Schools in 2019.

The Network assists schools, the staff and the students, in engaging with the business community.  This engagement helps to prepare the students for work, and businesses have the opportunity to network and invest in the future workforce.

The Schools Business Network holds monthly meetings at The Holiday Inn at Morn Hill in Winchester and usually take place in the first two weeks of the month.  Occasionally meetings are hosted by The Henry Beaufort School, check the Events page for details.

Set in the heart of Winchester, The Henry Beaufort School hosts some of the meetings of the Business Network group, which offers quality networking opportunities for businesses from all sectors and of all sizes.

New Meeting Dates Coming Soon

Join us for our next networking meetings and the chance to network and make new contacts with a host of local businesses.


By becoming a member of The Henry Beaufort Business Network you will support the school and invest in your future workforce. Members have the opportunity to showcase their business to a unique audience at the school – staff, governors and parents.

You also can enjoy a full range of benefits.